Ocasio-Cortez Is Upset World’s Most Valuable Company Is Investing In NYC

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not happy that Amazon, the world’s most valuable company, has decided to invest billions of dollars and bring approximately 25,000 jobs to New York City. The 28-year-old bartender turned politician responded to the news that Amazon is bringing a second headquarters to NYC by claiming, without evidence, that her community is… Read More »

Fox News Boycotting Twitter For Allowing Doxxing Of Tucker Carlson, Source Says

Since last Thursday, Fox News has boycotted Twitter, presumably in response to Twitter’s tacit permission for users to publicize Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home address. Last Wednesday night, alleged activists from Antifa terrorized Carlson’s wife at Carlson’s home with verbal threats while also damaging Carlson’s front door. As Mediaite reported, Fox News “regularly posts… Read More »