Backlash Builds Against Gillette Over ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Campaign

Facing a declining share of the men’s razor market as new competitors like Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club have entered the razor game, Gillette decided it was time to … risk alienating a large percentage of their potential customers with a politically charged declaration of war on the Left’s favorite bugaboo: “Toxic Masculinity.” The… Read More »

6 Reasons AOC Is The Leftist Trump

After the 2016 election, political pundits asked whether Democrats would edge toward a new seriousness in order to counteract the manifest amateurism of President Trump – or whether they would instead seek to find their own Trump, a charismatic figure with little or no political experience but the unique capacity to troll others and garner… Read More »

Netflix Boycotts North Carolina Due To Its Transgender Bathroom Law

Due to North Carolina’s wholly rational and scientific law stipulating that men and women can only use restrooms corresponding to their biological sex, the streaming platform Netflix has opted to boycott the state. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming platform’s upcoming coming-of-age drama “OBX” will now be filmed in South Carolina instead of North… Read More »