Anthony Scaramucci on WHCD: ‘What Happened Last Night Was an Atrocity’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci called the White House Correspondents’ Dinner “an atrocity.”

Pointing to comedian Michelle Wolf‘s routine, Scaramucci said, “What happened last night was an atrocity, and it was like literally watching Michael Wolff with a wig on. I thought Michelle Wolf was Michael Wolff, actually.”

“I think what you guys are missing is you think it’s totally okay to take a cheese grater to somebody’s face, grate their face, drop the cheese grater and say, ‘Geez, part of your job is to have the right side of your face bleeding.”

He added, “I’ll tell you why it’s an atrocity because it doesn’t help what you’re trying to achieve and what I think all of us are trying to achieve. Your logo says facts first. We want the White House, obviously, to be accountable. We want an openness with the White House. But this constant barrage of attacks, people are human, they’re going to look at that and say, ‘hey, I’m sorry, no mas.’”

One thought on “Anthony Scaramucci on WHCD: ‘What Happened Last Night Was an Atrocity’

  1. Donna Christenson

    If people still think that hatred and insults is the way to win votes, then they are so corrupt that no person in their right mind should ever vote Democrat again. It is an insult not only to the President who is worthy of praise but it is an insult to the entire human race. There should be laws to protect people who are innocent from such disgusting display of blindness and foolishness. All those who love to hate and ruin others should be held accountable or they should be locked up since they are ruining the spirit of this country and humiliating the dignity of our values. Our President who stands for truth and respect, who has done more good in one year than others have done in their life time deserves respect but the demon possessed mentally ill liberals should really not be allowed to destroy our love, joy and thankfulness for our great president. Shame on all of those who enjoy hurting others instead of honoring those who are in authority and deserve great honor. This was never in this country before, it is a real disgusting display of immaturity and evil mental illness repeated obsessive compulsive disorder. May the Lord put them in their place where they belong and may people wake up and realize what is really going on in this country. Thank God for those who still have their faculties and realize this has gone way too far to be called a sensible, humorous display of behavior. It is an atrocity and must be dealt with accordingly you can kill someone with a gun but a tongue can damage people even more. Shame on all of you may you repent quickly before your judgement will come and destroy all of you. You have sinned against the Holy God who sent us this president to save us from going deeper into the cesspool of immorality and lawlessness. Pray and fast learn decency and truth and hide your faces in shame. With God there is hope without him there is death and hell.


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