David Hogg Asks Why Congress Doesn’t Have Clear Backpacks — It Backfires With Avalanche of Facts

On Tuesday, pro-gun control activist David Hogg asked why members of Congress do not have to carry clear backpacks like they do at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The clear backpacks were one of the security measures taken after the mass shooting on Feb. 14.


The reason why clear backpacks are not needed as a security measure is that all bags and persons are checked at the entrances of any of the congressional building:


For example, at the Capitol Visitor Center, “all visitors are screened by a magnetometer and all items that are permitted inside the building are screened by an x-ray device.” All the buildings and the surrounding areas are then patrolled by the U.S. Capitol Police.

Many of the pro-gun control Parkland students voiced their displeasure when the school implemented the security measures, in addition to ones like mandatory student I.D. cards being visible at all times.

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