Fox’s Shepard Smith Implies That Fox News Is ‘Fake News’, CNN Isn’t

President Trump accused Google of creating biased search results in a recent statement to reporters. “I think Google is really taking advantage of people. They better be careful because you can’t do that to people, we have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in. They’re really treading on really troubled territory,” said President Trump.

Shepard Smith responded by claiming that Trump’s comments made no sense. He then claimed that Trump just hates news being reported on him. And that the only news Trump actually likes is ‘fake news.’ However, that is a very strange thing for Smith to say since Fox News is Trump’s favorite station. Is he calling his own station Fake News?

“Google is taking advantage of a lot of people,” Smith paraphrased the president, “Google, Facebook, and Twitter, you can’t do that to people. They’re treading on troubled territory. Which means nothing. John Roberts, what is he talking about?” asked Smith.

“I think what he’s doing Shep, is he’s venting, he doesn’t like the coverage that he sees, particularly in the Google search results. We pointed out some of what the president may have been either seeing on Google himself or had relayed to him,” said Roberts.

“What he doesn’t like is the news! It’s not the people who are delivering it, or the platforms on which they receive it, it seems to be the news itself because around there the news is not good, except the fake news, the fake news seems pretty good for him, the real news seems to be very unpleasant!”

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