George Soros Just Got The Boot! His Evil Liberal Empire Against Trump Just Came Crashing Down!

This is what you might all call “poetic justice”!

The extreme far-left globalist that is the Hungarian born George Soros is now being forced to move his offices from Hungary to Germany due to its inability to protect its staff. According to a press release issued by the company today because of this the “Open Society Foundations” will be moving their entire staff and international operations from Budapest to Berlin, Germany.

According to the president of the Open Society Foundations, Patrick Gaspard, because of the way the Hungarian government “denigrates and misrepresents” in order to forward their repression of a civil society for the sake of political gain this move is necessary.

This all stemmed from the recently re-elected Viktor Orban who won a strong mandate by campaigning on the issue of immigration, stopping Muslim Refugees from entering the nation and a “Stop Soros” package.

Orban launched a nationwide television and billboard advertising campaign in July where he rightly accuses Soros of devising Europe’s refugee crisis. But of course, the globalist friends of Orban’s efforts to condemn the 87-year-old investor said posters were not dissimilar to the anti-Semitic imagery of the 1930s, which portrayed Jews as political manipulators. And Soros should know since it’s rumored he worked with the Nazis’ against the Jews during the Holocaust.

Open Society Foundations has complained that they have been targeted by secret wiretapping efforts by the government, not unlike the efforts used against Candidate Donald Trump by the Soros bought and paid for Obama Administration.Isn’t it great to see a nation like Hungary doing the right thing? As a Jew myself I can tell you Soros is no friend of the Jewish people. And for a man like him to call out Orban’s tactics as being anti-Semitic is an insult to the 6 million Jews who lost their lives in Nazi Germany.

One thought on “George Soros Just Got The Boot! His Evil Liberal Empire Against Trump Just Came Crashing Down!

  1. Michael Black

    I can only wonder, with his alleged history as a NAZI collaborator, just how long he will remain welcome in Germany.


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