This is HUGE: Republican Lawmaker Calls for ARREST of Special Counsel Robert Mueller (VIDEO)

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes blows up and decided to issue an angry demand to the FBI and Department of Justice earlier this week, in order to explain why they hid information and kept the committee in the dark over the reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller kicked a most important FBI agent and investigator off the Russia probe.

But Special Counsel for “witch hunt” investigation played in the dirtiest way he can! He leaked the information to the liberal media, not to the House committee as was requested.

On Tuesday Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) told After the Bell on FOX Business Network today that when dirty cop Robert Mueller comes to the Hill to testify “we need to arrest him.”

Rep. Stewart: “They’re hiding it. We’ve been trying to get information from Mr Strzok for months now… Over the weekend when we finally threatened to hold them in contempt that they leaked some of this information to the press. And they came to us and say, “Ok, sure. Here’s some of the information you need and we’ll make these people available to you. We been pushing them for months to have access on this… If there’s anybody we should trust it should be the FBI and the Director of the FBI. If there is anyone we should trust it should be Mr. Mueller. He is put in a special position of trust. And I’m not sure they have lived up to this. In fact I can assure you that some of the senior directors and senior leadership of the FBI have not lived up to that trust... We continue to press and if we have to hold them in contempt we will… I’m only half kidding on this. I said when they come to the Hill we should arrest him.”

Via After the Bell:

Mueller has to be brought to justice! He has to be arrested as soon as possible, because he and his stupid Russia investigation are trying to destroy our President! We can’t afford their attempt to succeed, so share this with every patriot you know, to show how many we are supporting our President and how we want Mueller to ends behind the bars!

One thought on “This is HUGE: Republican Lawmaker Calls for ARREST of Special Counsel Robert Mueller (VIDEO)

  1. Ronald Harris

    I think that is past time for this fiasco to come to an end. So far from what I have seen and read there has been a few Republicans that are dirty and have been exposed. But the more that Mueller digs the more Democrats are being found who are dirtier than dirt itself. I bet if you picked a Democrat up and shook him you would have enough worms to fish for a whole weekend.


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