Meghan McCain Crushes Joy Behar For Trying To Politicize Barbara Bush’s Death

During a recent segment on ‘The View’, they discussed the funeral of Barbara Bush. Unfortunately, Joy Behar used the opportunity to try and bash President Trump.

“This picture made me nostalgic for the America that I grew up in, basically where there were statesmen running the country instead of con men,” Behar said in reference to a photo of former Presidents at Bush’s funeral. While Bush was President, Behar called him a murderer, but now she thinks Bush is alright.

“Not one of those people in that picture denigrated the press. I think that differentiates all those from Donald Trump,” explained Behar. However, Meghan McCain was sick of using Barbara Bush as a political tool and instead remembered her the way she should be remembered.

“She was an incredible iconic first lady, and even just seeing President Bush shake the hands of everyone coming by her casket, it’s just like class all the way around, and their love story and I think that portrait, I think we can come together,” said McCain.

“I think we’re in an era right now where everything is so divisive and so angry and you know, even just like having dinner with someone who voted in a different party is a big deal right now,” said McCain.

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