Meghan McCain Eviscerates Joy Behar For Cruel Melania Comment On Her Birthday

Joy Behar decided to mock Melania Trump on her birthday by bringing up the Stormy Daniels allegations. After talking about how they believe that Trump slept with another women, Behar cruelly brought up Behar’s birthday. “Today is Melania’s birthday. Happy birthday, Melania!” said Behar.

“I don’t think that was necessary! Come on. That’s so mean!” responded Meghan McCain. “What was mean about it?” asked Behar. “You think that was appropriate? Yesterday, we all talked about how we collectively like Melania,” said McCain.

“I do like her,” responded Behar. “You’re making fun of her pain!” said McCain. “I’m not making fun of her,” responded Behar. “You are! That is what you just did!” said McCain. “You have no sense of humor. That’s your problem!” said Behar.

“Oh, please! It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. It’s because I feel bad for our First Lady,” said McCain. “We should take back what we said yesterday. I thought yesterday we all said we had a soft spot for her and we felt bad for her. We should just be honest,” continued McCain.

Eventually Behar admitted that she told a bad joke. “It was a bad joke, maybe. So what? So sue me. Send me to jail,” responded Behar.

One thought on “Meghan McCain Eviscerates Joy Behar For Cruel Melania Comment On Her Birthday

  1. Lrethefirst

    Oh, don’t tempt us Joy Blowhard! We’d love to see you in jail for whatever reason!


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