NBC News White House Correspondent Mocks Trump Saying ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ On 9/11

On Tuesday, NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett, no fan of President Trump, had an interesting reaction when the president, speaking in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where United 93 crashed on 9/11, referred to “the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.” Bennett called Trump’s terminology a “controversial campaign catchphrase.””

The idea that referring to “radical Islamic terrorism” would be controversial when used in conjunction with 9/11 when radical Islamic terrorists murdered nearly 3,000 Americans, is disgusting enough, but then to try to denigrate Trump’s remarks as a “catchphrase” (meaning a phrase that is recognizable because it is uttered repeatedly), does grave disservice because Trump is using absolutely precise language to describe a terrifyingly real threat.

On Sunday, Bennett displayed his animus toward the president in this tweet:

To limn the president as being on the defensive simply because a disgruntled staffer wrote an op-ed (anonymously, no less), and a former failed president had to thrust himself into the limelight, is a bit of a stretch.

Sometimes the pettiness of Bennett’s dislike of Trump is palpable:

For his remarks about Trump and radical Islamic terrorism, Bennett was called out on Twitter:

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