Trump Shows Harry Reid Supported Ending Birthright Citizenship in 1993. Reid Said His Wife Immediately Corrected Him. Then This Happened in 1994.

On Wednesday, after he had been targeted when reports surfaced he wanted to end “birthright citizenship,” President Trump pointed out that 25 years ago, then-Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who later became the Senate Majority Leader, had stood for the exact same thing. In 1993, Reid introduced the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993 on August… Read More »

Trump Sends Troops to Mexico Border as Caravan Advances

WASHINGTON – The United States said on Monday it will send over 5,200 troops to help secure the border with Mexico, a far larger-than-expected deployment as President Donald Trump hardens his stance on immigration ahead of Nov. 6 mid-term elections. The deployment will create an active-duty force comparable in size to the U.S. military contingent… Read More »

Pharrell Williams Sends Trump Cease And Desist Letter

Musician Pharrell Williams is threatening to take legal action against President Trump if he continues to use his hit song “Happy” at rallies. While such threats from musicians aren’t unusual, particularly for Trump, the circumstances for Williams’ letter are: the use of the popular song to energize supporters at a rally in Indiana a few… Read More »