Trump Blasts Democratic ‘Hoax’ on Kavanaugh — His Solution Is Tougher Libel Laws

During an interview this past weekend, President Donald Trump reiterated his support for tougher libel laws to challenge “false” accusations like the one that attorney Michael Avenatti lodged at newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I’d love to see our libel laws get toughened up so you could take people and sue them,” he said before claiming that Avenatti made “false statements” about Kavanaugh.

“He suffered with false statements made about him — things that never happened,” Trump said later in the interview.

Avenatti, as Trump noted, also accused the president of having an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and paying her hush money just before the 2016 presidential election.

As Kavanaugh faced two other sexual misconduct allegations, Avenatti represented a woman who claimed he was “present” during “gang” rapes at parties – something Kavanaugh called “a joke, a farce.”

“Yes, I think they should be held liable. I would say they should be held to the highest standard,” Trump said of the accusers. “Whether it’s making up stories or making false statements about such an important position, you can’t do that. You destroy somebody’s life.”

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“There were many, many false things that were said about a very fine man,” Trump said of Kavanaugh.

On Monday, Trump told reporters that Kavanaugh got “caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats.”

“It was all made up, it was fabricated,” he said before indicating that the controversy would have an impact on the midterm elections.

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Trump previously caught flak for calling on stronger libel laws when author Michael Wolff released a book with salacious details about the president earlier this year.

“You can’t say things that are false, knowingly false, and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account,” Trump said. He also mentioned strengthening those laws in 2016, referencing “hit” pieces on him in The New York Times.

Kavanaugh, whom the Senate confirmed on Saturday, also received praise from women he either taught or worked with in various capacities.

He also hired the first set of law clerks that are all-female on the Supreme Court. His employees pushed the number of female clerks high enough to mark the first time in history that the majority of Supreme Court clerks were female.

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